About Us

TriBen Insurance Solutions, Inc. is a niche insurance consulting firm delivering a “needs based” integrated benefits approach to our customers.  Recognizing a void in the insurance marketplace, TriBen’s dedicated attention to Life/AD&D Insurance, Disability Insurance, FML, Leave Management, Benefits Administration and Voluntary Employee Benefits will result in savings and innovative product solutions, which are often overlooked by traditional medical consultants.  TriBen is licensed and operates in 50 states.

For decades, companies have been rewarding consumers for packaging or bundling multiple product silos.  These rewards often resulted in savings or more robust product offerings.  The insurance industry is no different.  The employees of TriBen Insurance Solutions were pioneers in integrating employee and employer funded insurance programs to offer product and service solutions which were otherwise thought to be both unattainable and unaffordable.  As a consumer, there is nothing more powerful than leverage and negotiation to make a complete and more informed purchasing decision.

TriBen will negotiate on behalf of our customers and leverage their “buying power” to provide them and their employees with the most comprehensive coverage, at the most competitive pricing.  Carrier competition is the most aggressive it has ever been.  TriBen has relationships with the leading insurance carriers and our ability to underwrite, negotiate and implement Disability, Life and Supplemental Employee Benefit programs is unparalleled in the industry today.


Our unique employee engagement and enrollment strategies, separate us from other consulting firms in the industry.  The collective experience of our Consultants has provided our team with the necessary business acumen to market, implement and service over a 1,000 individual employer groups across the United States.  There are few employer insurance scenarios we have not encountered and our industry presence has allowed us to create strategic partnerships along the way.  These partnerships afford TriBen the opportunity to deliver additional services and solutions to our customers, that may fall out of the scope of our immediate capabilities.  TriBen is rapidly becoming the “go to” non-medical benefits consulting firm in the Philadelphia and surrounding area marketplace.


With over 100 years of experience, our award winning Benefits Consultants are ready to serve you and your employees!

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