Feature: Voluntary Stakeholders Take Stock of 2016

Benifits Pro dove in to the industry to see which voluntary stakeholders were taking stock at the end of 2016! Our very own Joe Alfonsi was featured! Check it out here!

Voluntary Adviser of the Year: A Hidden Knack for the Niche

Check out TriBen’s very own Joe Alfonsi, Employee Benefit Adviser’s Voluntary Adviser of the year! Read Full Article Here about Joe and his success in the industry!

Finding Funds to Feul Technology

There are difficulties today in finding the funds to fuel technology in HR and Employee Benefits. Hear Joe Alfonsi and Justin Leader talk about how you can overcome them in TriBen’s very first webinar! Watch the full video, here!

The voluntary broker’s guide to product bundling

In the 15-plus years he’s sold voluntary benefits, Joseph Alfonsi has seen industry jargon evolve along with tectonic shifts in the health care marketplace. Take the concept of bundling. Depending on which broker you ask, Alfonsi said, you may get several different definitions of this approach. Traditional group health brokers consider “bundling” the act of…

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